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We love beer. More importantly we love sharing it.


Like so many other breweries, Public Offering Brewing Company simply began as a hobby in a garage and an excuse to get together with friends. Ambition and passion quickly took over, and after a lot of education, experimentation, patience and failure, our founder, Cody, sought to create one big neighborhood of beer loving friends. But our goal isn’t to just simply offer our beer; so instead, we’re offering our entire brewery to you. We want to highlight everything that’s inspired us and influenced our upbringing, from beer styles and flavors to local ingredients and neighborhood causes.  Rather than brew the beer we like to drink, we aim to brew the beer you want to drink, and we invite you to try our beer, enjoy our taproom, ask us questions, and tell us what you want. Because if you love beer, we’re neighbors.

Team Bios
(Can you spot our lie?)

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